.. bio ..

Little, I was fascinated by drawing
it was my bridge

between the imaginary and reality..
I started out self taught, sometimes drawing what I saw and othertimes what I visualized..


it has been a long art studying process :

visual art and passion for graphic design,

fascination for old scool painting, flamish, italian, french, from islands..

painting technics for oil and watercolour..

Some reflective moments, some artistic projects
and a long stay in Guadaloupe have strengthened my decision to become an illustrator

I like paper and colors,
I like telling stories, where reality and imaginary are attracted

into a mise-en-abyme...
I like to reach the sensitivity and imagination of the viewer.




My studies

*BAC in fine arts equivalent to A level plastic, visual arts at Les Bourdonnières in Nantes

*Evening Classes at Nantes' Beaux Arts

*BTS in graphic design at LISAA in Nantes, equivalent to BTEC Higher National Diploma

*Serigraphy and typography traineeships at La Cambre in Brussels

*Paint diploma from La Cambre in Brussels

What type of projects do I do

I do illustrations for brand identity, advertising, women's, cultural and youth magazines.

I also reply to demands for graphic designs, artwork for musical, events and eco-friendly projects (posters, flyers, CD covers, textile patterns or any graphic design product).

I also do personal demands such as portraits, landscapes, mural paintings.

All projects are welcome and deserve an initial contact !

My illustration technique

I have a preference for all hand done :

watercolor, coloured crayons, inks...

I love to work on realistic drawings with illusive details

and typography all by hand.

I do portrait, landscape or imaginary design

in pointillism, black and white, or colour.

The stages of my creative work

1 - Depending on the agreement beforehand, I start by pencil sketches that I refine

to then present for approval.

2 - I then do a bigger, better quality draft in pencil.

3 - After approval or changes, I start the colorization.

4 - Having finished the illustration, I do a high definition scan and touch up the illustration if necessary,

5 - I deliver the artwork via the internet in the size, colour and quality decided beforehand with the client.

NB : If you are interested to acquire the original artwork, thanks to precise it

on your quote request.

What is the cost of a project

All project is unique, contact me and we can define a quote together.

And to buy an original illustration, a limited edition or order a custom artwork, it's this way